Benefits of Fitting Outdoor Blinds Around Your Patio

One home upgrade you might contemplate is fitting outdoor blinds around your patio. Consider the following benefits you can expect.

Extend Home Living Areas

You can install outdoor blinds secured at the sides to poles or sections of the house, giving the patio the feel of an outdoor room. The blinds form a semi-permanent wall. They're much cheaper than an actual home extension made of bricks and mortar, though they similarly protect the area.


Unlike actual solid walls, though, vertical blinds can be adjusted and come in various materials. For example, you could opt for clear or tinted PVC blinds that let you take in the garden scenery while blocking the wind and rain. Alternatively, install blinds that use UV-filtering mesh that let you relax on the patio even when the sun is hot and bright. These mesh blinds filter rather than block your view of the garden. You can also draw the blinds halfway if you install a model that runs alongside tracks or zips up and down.

Cools Your Home

Patios are often connected to homes with glass doors that seamlessly blend the indoors and outdoors. However, even when closed, glass doors can let heat transfer into the house. Outdoor blinds can indirectly help. They block direct sunlight from striking the patio area and heating up the paving and furniture, each of which then radiates heat. A cooler patio will act as a buffer, helping to keep your home cooler as well. The blinds will also stop the sun from shining directly on glass windows and doors. Even when you're not using the patio, you can close the blinds on a hot day to make your home more energy-efficient. It will then require less air conditioning to be comfortable.

Make Your Patio More Functional

A patio secured with blinds is ultimately more functional. You can place a dining table and chairs in the area, knowing that the furniture is protected from the weather. Thus, you can dine alfresco in your new semi-permanent outdoor living room without being concerned that it may rain or that the sun will be too glary. Plus, the outdoor blinds will keep insects away.

Colour Options

Canvas and mesh outdoor blinds come in various colours, so you can easily harmonise them with your house. You could install charcoal blinds that echo the roof colour, for example. A blind that contrasts against the external walls form a stylish accent. Alternatively, create a smooth flow across the blinds and exterior walls by using the same colour for both.