4 Reasons to Replace Hinged Patio Doors With Sliding Doors in a Busy Household

Hinged doors that swing inwards or outwards have their advantages, but in a busy household, they can be a hindrance. In fact, hinged doors can also be dangerous, especially if you have young children or pets roaming around outside or inside your home.

If your patio is a place that sees a lot of action throughout the day, sliding doors can offer more safety and convenience than hinged doors.

Here are 4 reasons why you might want to replace your hinged patio door with a sliding patio door.

1. Sliding Doors Don't Collide With People and Objects

Hinged doors are inconvenient for patio areas because once opened, they can take up space. And from a safety standpoint, they can be dangerous, too. For instance, if your children like to play on your patio, the door could strike them as someone opens it from inside. A swinging door might also damage furniture if boisterous children come running through your house.

A sliding door, on the other hand, moves to the side and can't collide with people or objects.

2. Sliding Doors Can Be Left Open More Easily

In a busy household with kids coming to and fro, you can keep a better eye on things if you leave your door open. But leaving a hinged door open is more difficult due to the space it takes up. This can be inconvenient and dangerous in a number of situations.

You can easily leave a sliding door open and not cause any obstruction by doing so.

3. Sliding Doors Don't Slam Shut in Strong Winds

Hinged doors are also dangerous in bad weather. If you're outdoors throwing a party on your patio and the weather takes a turn for the worse, your hinged door could blow shut without warning. This is dangerous if you have pets or children around.

Sliding doors don't blow shut no matter how strong the wind is outside.

4. Sliding Doors Don't Have Handles That Catch on Clothing

Hinged doors have handles that can catch on clothing. This is dangerous for children running in and out of your home. And if you are throwing a party and carrying trays of drinks and food through to your patio all day, a hinged-door handle could cause you to drop a tray if you catch your clothing on it. Sliding doors are much safer and more convenient in this respect. If you're planning to spend more time on your patio, consider investing in sliding doors.

To learn more, contact a sliding door supplier.