Different Types of Auto Window Tinting

A car is one of the most valuable assets which many people own. If you are privileged to have one, you will probably do everything possible to make it more comfortable and appealing. Window tinting is a popular aesthetic car enhancement whose primary purpose is to improve privacy and security. It also blocks the harmful direct sun rays and protects the window glass from breaking easily. Here is a breakdown of the most common types of window tints. Hopefully, this information will help you choose the best window tint for your car.

Dyed window tint film

Dyed window tinting is the most affordable method of tinting. The manufacturers use an easy to install dye to make the tint. As compared to the other shades, the dyed window tint is less functional, meaning that it may not completely block off the sunlight. Also, the dye fades off after some time; hence it is only ideal for temporary purposes. The maintenance requirements are relatively high, as compared to the other types of window tints.

Metallised window tinting

As the name suggests, the metallised window tints consist of small pieces of metal particles. The metal pieces are invisible, but they strengthen the film, thus preventing the window screen from breaking easily. The metallised tint also offers better protection from UV sun rays as compared to the dye tilt film. Its only drawback is that the metal particles may interfere with the standard GPS transmission.

Carbon tinting film

Carbon tinting is darker and more costly than the dyed and the carbon window tints. It lasts for a more extended period, and it can block almost half of the direct sunlight. Carbon tint does not contain any pieces of metal, and this feature prevents the possibility of radio and electronic interference. 

Ceramic window tinting

If you are looking for the best quality materials that would give the best performance, ceramic window tinting would be the best option. Ceramic blocks up to 99 per cent of the UV light rays, and completely block the outsiders. Due to its superior functionality, ceramic window tinting is the most costly window tinting option. Its strength and durability features reduce the maintenance requirements for the ceramic window tinting.

Now that you are aware of the available window tinting options, decide which one you want and look for a local tinting expert to install the film. The best tint will improve your privacy, protect your car and even maintain the sleek appearance of your vehicle.