Why you should consider aluminium windows for your architectural project

Aluminium has become increasingly popular as a material for window frames in recent years. What are some of the advantages of this type of frame?


Although plastic does an acceptable job for standardised windows, aluminium frames come into their own in a properly designed and crafted window frame. Plastic frames will just be welded together, and may not be a great visual fit for an architectural window. Aluminium frames will be given proper joints and mitre cuts, and will look as if they have been properly designed and crafted. Aluminium can also be given much smaller profiles, allowing for more window space, and is more adaptable, meeting architectural specifications that plastic windows simply won't manage.


Aluminium frames can be made from completely recycled materials. Aluminium does not degrade no matter how often it is recycled, so the frames can be made sustainably with a lower carbon footprint than plastic.

Thermal efficiency

When combined with a thermal break, aluminium frames can vastly reduce the amount of heat loss that occurs through the windows. This is largely due to new polyamide technology, which has enormously improved the energy efficiency of aluminium glazing. This means you will need as much energy to heat your home, which will lead to further reduction of your carbon footprint—as well as your energy bills.


Aluminium is a very durable material which will stand up the elements well. It does not rot or rust, and should not warp or crack, no matter what the weather. It is also a very strong material for its weight, which will make aluminium windows harder to damage. Your aluminium windows should last for decades.


Aluminium windows should require little in the way of maintenance. Although it will still require cleaning like any other material, a quick clean every couple of months should leave the windows and the frames looking as shiny and new as when they were first installed.


It is also worth bearing in mind that aluminium is a very affordable material. Although plastic may be cheaper, it will not last as long and is likely to cost more in the long run; whereas materials like wood will be more expensive in the first place, and can also be more expensive to maintain.

Aluminium is strong, lightweight, attractive and affordable, and is definitely a material you should consider if you are having new architectural windows designed.