What to look for in retractable screen doors for 2019

Screen doors are becoming more popular in homes across the country. This is because they provide flexibility, comfort and security to homeowners. They're also perfect for controlling the movement of pets and small children. If you're looking to keep insects out while allowing fresh air to pass through, a screen door will come in handy.

Among the many types of screen doors in the market, retractable doors provide the highest level of flexibility and value. These innovative doors can fully retract when not in use, giving your home a uniform appearance. Therefore, if you're shopping for a new retractable screen door in 2019, watch out for the following innovative features.    

A tough and durable screen material

Manufacturers (and homeowners alike) have long debated the durability of screen doors. In 2019, you can expect to see screen doors that have a tough and corrosive-resistant meshwork. This will prevent damage from intruders, pets or children who may be playing near the door when it's pulled down.

Tough meshwork is mostly important for security reasons. When you open your door for fresh air while the retractable screen is pulled down, you could expose your home to intruders. But with a tough meshwork, you'll be able to lock the screen in place and keep out unwanted persons.

Automated movement

For many years, homeowners have operated their retractable screens manually. This means that they would have to pull the screen downwards when closing it and push it upwards when opening. In 2019, you should look for automated screen doors.

Much like how your garage door can use a remote control to open automatically, these screen doors also glide up and down a motorized frame. You can use a remote (or your smartphone) to initiate opening and closing motions. In this way, you'll have access to the screen door even when you're not at home.

Easy installation on doorframes

This year, you can expect to find screen doors that are easy to mount on many different frames. These doors use minimal screws for support, making them convenient to set up when the product arrives at your home. Easier installation also means easier maintenance over time.

Easy passage of light

Another unique feature you can expect to see is screen doors that allow more natural light to pass through. Even with thick meshwork, natural light should be able to enter your home while you enjoy fresh air and security. Look for a meshwork material that's durable, yet translucent (allowing just enough light to pass through).

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