How to Make an Internal Room Airier With Natural Light

An airy and light-drenched feel is desirable in just about any room you could think of in a home, but what about rooms that have no external walls to fit windows in? If your home's interior is arranged such that you have a room with no possibility of an external window being added to it to provide more light, what can you do? Internal rooms without windows can be dark and, consequently, you may find that you don't use them to their full potential. Read on to discover the best ways of bringing more natural light into a room which is 'landlocked' within others.

Light Pipes

One of the main ways of getting natural light into a room without a window is to use a light pipe, or light tube. These are commonly fitted onto the roof of a building, but they can also work quite as well when they are installed onto a north-facing external wall. One end of the light pipe collects natural light from the sun as it passes, and this is conveyed to the desired location via a super shiny mirrored covering within the pipe. Much of the sunlight collected from outside is, therefore, able to reach the room you want to diffuse light in. The pipe itself can be concealed within wall cavities or inside trunking if that is not feasible.


If your internal room has no external walls but it has a ceiling which connects to directly the roof of your home, then a skylight is the very thing to solve your problem. Better than light pipes because they offer a view to the outside as well as providing sunlight, skylights are great for ensuites and toilets that would otherwise not suit a conventional window. Unless you are directly overlooked by neighbouring buildings that tower above your property, skylights bring sunlight into your room but still afford a great deal of privacy. Even if your home is overlooked, skylights can be easily fitted with blinds that you can pull across without having to reach up to the ceiling to operate.

Internal Windows

Although you might only think of a window as something that faces the exterior of your home, internal windows do a great job of letting natural light in. If you install a glazed internal door or remove a section of an internal wall to provide room for a window, then the dark room you want to be airier can 'borrow' light from those adjoining it. If you needed to, then fit a window with frosted glazing so that light can come through without you necessarily being able to see directly through to the room next door.