Queen Of Screens: The Advantages Of Investing In Stainless Steel Mesh Screens For Your WIndows

Dealing with the unwanted attentions of insects, spiders and other unpleasant creepy-crawlies is a fact of life across most parts of Australia, and preventing them from gaining access to your home through open windows is particularly important if you live close to freshwater or have family members who are sensitive to bites and stings. Consequently, many homeowners fit their windows with fine mesh screens, which prevent bugs and other nasties from entering through open windows.

If you choose to fit screens to your windows, choosing screens made from a suitable material is vital, and stainless steel is one of the very best. Although it tends to be a little more expensive than other screen materials, such as aluminium or fibreglass, this extra expense is generally well worth it, as stainless steel window screens have a number of advantages other screens simply cannot match.


Stainless steel, unlike conventional steel, is completely immune to rust, making it perfect for outdoor applications such as window screens. It also retains the well-known durability and longevity of conventional steel, so a stainless steel screen is capable of taking a beating from the elements for many years without becoming torn, holed or unpleasantly rusty. This makes them an excellent long-term investment for protecting your home.

Resistant against larger animals

Keeping insects and arachnids out of your home is all well and good, but your screens won't be much use for that if a rat, fox or particularly curious neighbourhood dog breaks a hole in your screen to get in your home. Thankfully, stainless steel screens are strong enough to resist entry by larger animals.

High security

Aluminium and fibreglass screens are tough, but they can usually be cut through by an intruder with a suitable cutting tool and a little determination. Stainless steel screens, on the other hand, are much more difficult to bypass, even with heavy-duty cutting tools, so stainless steel screens placed over your larger windows can significantly boost you home's defenses against burglars and intruders. This also makes them a popular option for protecting screen doors.

Storm resistant

Many stainless steel window meshes are rated as storm resistant and can do a great deal to protect your windows from flying debris and other hazards during periods of high winds. Stainless steel window mesh is consequently very popular in areas frequently affected by sandstorms and cyclones.

Sun control

Depending on the density of the pattern of your chosen mesh, and the thickness of the screen itself, a stainless steel window screen can also function as a very effective sun blocker, ideal for keeping bright natural light out of bedrooms and other light-sensitive areas in your home. They can be painted or coated in dark colours to intensify this effect. Hinged or sliding shutters can be adjusted easily, allowing you to control sunlight levels depending on changing conditions.