How to Choose the Right Type of Window Blinds and Shades for Your Home's Windows

Window blinds and shades are a good choice for any home with limited space around the windows, as they're compact and small and fit inside the window frame itself. They're also easy to motorize so you can open and close them remotely, and which will also ensure an even edge when you partially open a long line of blinds and shades. Because there are so many choices for blinds and shades on the market today, and because window treatments are so important for a room's appearance and even its insulation, note a few tips on how to choose the right type, material, and style of window blinds and shades for your home.

Blinds versus shades

First note the difference between blinds and shades; blinds are good for maximum control over sunlight, as you can open their slats just slightly when needed, whereas shades only move up and down and don't allow for as much control. Thick slats of blinds, such as Venetian blinds, may also add more insulation against draughty windows and thin window glass, and may also block more sunshine when they're closed, which is good for bedrooms and other rooms where you need maximum light blockage.


Fabric shades can add some softness to a room when closed, versus vinyl blinds that can seem a bit cold, industrial, and impersonal. The same is true for blinds; try to avoid aluminium or vinyl slats, and opt for wood, fabric, or bamboo for your home, even if this means a bit more expense. Wood and bamboo especially are very easy to clean, and won't show fingerprints and smudge marks, whereas fabric may hold more stains and may tend to unravel over the years.


Be careful of choosing shades with lots of design or a certain pattern on the front, as this can seem outdated very quickly; this is especially true if you have large windows, as that patterned front may seem very overwhelming. Wood blinds are more neutral and can work with both traditional and modern decor, and won't need to be changed if you buy new furniture that might otherwise clash with fabric, patterned shades. Real wood blinds can also be painted and stained as needed, so you can change their colour very easily. A neutral style of the shades or blinds also allows you to layer curtains in front of them, for more visual interest and even more insulation in the room, and then also change those curtains as desired.