Answering Your Questions About Leadlight Window Creation and Repairs

Leaded glass, or leadlight windows, can offer a stunning appearance to your home, as the leaded or coloured glass can be a work of art on its own, while also bringing in more colour to the home's exterior space. If you are thinking about having a leadlight window made for your home, or already have one that is now in need of repairs, note a few questions you might have about this material and its care, so you know the best choice for designs and know what to expect in the repair process:

Are there any limitations as to the size or structure of leadlight windows?

There are often local building codes that dictate some restrictions on the size of leadlight windows, to ensure your safety if one should break and to ensure the home's framework is fully supported; a leadlight window maker or building contractor can tell you the exact restrictions in your area. Other than those local codes, however, you can typically have leadlight windows made to any design and using just about any colour of paint or stain you might imagine.

How does the glass affect the price of creation or repairs?

The glass used in leadlight windows is not typically the same toughened or laminated glass used in other home windows, as those types of glass cannot be painted or stained. The glass in leadlight windows are often crafted by hand, so the larger or more intricate the design, the more costly the window creation. Many leadlight windows will have precious metals added to their mixture while they're being manufactured, including gold, and this will also cause the price of that glass to increase.

Why do leadlight repairs take so long?

If you have a leadlight window that needs repairing, you may have been quoted various time frames that are much longer than the time needed to fix standard windows. This is also because replacement glass for leadlight windows isn't always readily available, so it may need to be remade from scratch in order to fill in broken or damaged parts.

Note, too, that lead used to join sections of this glass together can leak and cause damage, and removing this lead isn't an easy cleanup job. Not only do those leaks or streaked areas need to be restored, but new lead often needs to be added, and this is done manually, with great care and precision. These are just some of the reasons why your leadlight windows may take longer to repair than standard home windows.

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