What You Might Be Assuming About Home Window Tinting

Home window tinting is a very good choice in bright and sunny areas, and especially on properties that are without shade trees, as this tint or film can reduce the heat that builds up inside a home. Window tint can even protect furniture, timber floors, and house plants from sun damage. Tinting can also add privacy and increase the strength of your home's window glass. If you're not sure if residential window tinting is the right choice for your home, be sure you're not making any of the following incorrect assumptions about this material and its durability.

It peels off

Professionally applied window tinting is a permanent coating on the glass, so that you can't scratch, scrape, or peel it off yourself, even with sharp edges. In many cases, you even need to have a professional remove this tint for you, since it's so durable and long-lasting.

All window tint is purple

The window tint you buy from a home supply store is typically purple, because this is the shade the dyes in the tint become when they get bleached out by the sun. By making the tint itself purple, you're less likely to notice that cheap tint fading over time.

Professional tint can be very clear, or come in a wide array of shades, including a bright blue that can make windows look like part of the horizon, or a greyish shade that works well with modern homes. Tints of gold and silver are also commonly available, so you can easily match your home's exterior style or you own tastes when choosing a coloured window tint.

Window tints create a mirror effect

Some window tints will be highly reflective, but not all. Many tints simply make your windows look darker, or a different colour such as the gold and silver noted above, without actually reflecting light. Some tint and films are very clear and are simply meant to block UV rays, protecting the home's interior from sun damage. If you're worried about a mirrored look for any reason, note this to your installer and ask about potential reflective properties of your tint options.

Thick tint is needed to provide security and safety

It is true that some tints or films that provide security and safety for the windows may be a bit thick, but some window films are made with metallic elements that make the film very strong without any added thickness. Your installer will ensure no film is so thick that it interferes with the operations of the window or looks unsightly and unattractive.