How to Take Care of Your Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors can last for a long time without developing any defect if you take the necessary steps to maintain those doors well. This article discusses some measures that you can implement to ensure that your bi-fold doors will last for a long time.

Maintain Even Temperatures 

You should always ensure that the temperature within your home does not fluctuate widely. This is because temperature fluctuations can have an adverse effect on the service life of bi-fold doors. For instance, the frames of wooden bi-fold doors may contract so much that the glass within the door will break. This problem would have been avoided if the humidity and temperature of the home was maintained at a uniform level.

Avoid Duct Tape

You should be careful about the adhesives that you apply on the bi-fold doors when you are doing a home improvement project. This is because some adhesives may have ingredients that may react with the finish. It is also helpful to avoid keeping those adhesives on the bi-fold doors for a long time (several days, for example) since that gives any harmful reactions the chance to take place and damage your doors.

Use a Door Holder

Some bi-fold doors may be installed in high-traffic areas, such as hallways. Such doors may be exposed to several risks of damage. For example, the wind may cause the doors to slam against their frames in the wall. This can cause serious damage to the doors and their hardware. One way to reduce the risk of such damage is by installing a door holder so that the door will be kept open during those times when many people are moving in that area.

Avoid Forcing the Door

Bi-fold doors usually open easily. You should be cautious when your doors become difficult to open. Never try to force them open because you may cause irreparable damage. Instead, investigate and find out what may have caused the doors to develop that problem. For example, pieces of stucco or drywall may have clogged the rollers and tracks. The hinges could also be in need of lubrication. Addressing these root causes of door operation issues will restore the doors to their optimum state without creating any additional problems.

Always contact the supplier of the bi-fold doors whenever you encounter a challenge that wasn't explained in the product literature that you received when you purchased those doors. Those experts will suggest the most appropriate way to overcome that problem.