How to Use Custom Interior Doors to Add Style to Your Space

If your home's interior seems to lack a certain style or personality, you can try a new paint colour or area rug, and these can certainly work to update a room. However, another way to create a unique look for your home is to have custom interior doors installed, or choose unique doors for entryways and interior rooms. You may not have ever thought about the doors you've chosen for your home's interior rooms, so consider a few suggestions and note how custom interior doors might be just what you need to add style and personality to your home.

Taller doors

Most interior doors are made to be just 6 feet, 8 inches, or 2040mm tall, and there is typically several more inches or centimetres of height available above the door. Take advantage of that space by having taller doors made, for a grander entrance to a room. This can also mean more light and air passing through the space when you leave the doors open, good for dark and stuffy homes. You can also use tall doors made of two separate doors that open in the middle, like French doors. This can ensure that your taller doors don't seem overly large and heavy for the space.

Transoms and inserts

A transom is a window placed over a door; it's often found over entryway doors, but can also be used for interior doorframes. This added pane of glass can give height and style to an entryway, and also allow for more light to shine through the doorway.

Inserts are glass panes added to the door itself; if your home's front door has a pane of glass for you to see out, that's an insert. These inserts can also be added to interior doors, for rooms that don't require much privacy, such as an office or dining room. You might even consider stained or coloured glass for an insert, to make the door a piece of art.

Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are made of two separate panels with a hinge in the middle, so they fold accordion-style. These are often used for closets, but they can also add style to an interior entryway. You might install them when you want to expand an entryway for a grander look; the separate panels keep the door from getting too heavy. This style can also be combined with inserts; opt for frosted glass, and the door frames of the separate panels will tone down the look a bit, so a glass door doesn't seem too modern or bland.